The Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision and Goals is now complete! Thank you to the Sherwood community, members of the Community Advisory Committee, staff and consultants for working together to produce a vision statement that will guide the update to Sherwood’s Comprehensive Plan.

Check back in January 2019 as this website will transition from the Comprehensive Plan Vision process to the Comprehensive Plan Update.

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We need your help to plan the next 20 years of Sherwood’s future. Over the next three years, we will work with you to:

  • Identify and protect what we love about Sherwood today
  • Envision what we want Sherwood to look like tomorrow
  • Create a new Comprehensive Plan to allow us to realize that vision together

Current Events

As recommended by the Citizen Advisory Committee, the Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision will be presented to City Coucil for adoption in January 2019. Stay tuned for more details!

The City is currently accepting applications to fill several seats on the Sherwood Comprehensive Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAC)! Contact Carrie Brennecke if you are interested in applying: brenneckec@sherwoodoregon.gov.

Like all cities in Oregon, we must plan for current and future generations. We know that communities that plan for growth have the best chance of managing their destiny in a way that retains the qualities that brought us here in the first place: our small-town character, forests and farms, excellent schools, thriving businesses, and parks and public spaces.

Given the dramatic growth, it is clear the 1990 Comprehensive Plan no longer represents the vision and values of Sherwood residents and businesses. Over the next three years, our goal is to explore, balance and prioritize community issues for Sherwood that allow our community to determine how we grow and continue to provide quality places to live, work and play over the next twenty years. The first step in this process is to engage the Sherwood community in creating a vision for the future that will serve as the basis for updating the Comprehensive Plan.

About the project

In the spring of 2018, the City of Sherwood launched the Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision, a city-wide community engagement process that outlines a desired future for the Sherwood community in the year 2040. The City undertook the Visioning Process as one of the initial steps in updating the Comprehensive Plan. The Visioning Process engaged community members to develop a shared understanding of Sherwood today and anchors a planning process that will address key issues for the future.

Sherwood has changed dramatically over the years, yet the community vibrancy and small-town character has endured. In 1990, the year of the City’s last Comprehensive Plan update, Sherwood was home to only 3,000 residents. Today, the City has more than 19,000 residents, reflecting an annual average growth rate of 8%, and has doubled in physical size. In addition, Sherwood is also witnessing a change in the demographics of its population. Given the dramatic growth, it is clear that last Comprehensive Plan update is no longer a representation of the vision and values of the current residents and business community. The Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision is the first step in identifying what makes Sherwood special, envisioning what Sherwood will look like tomorrow, and creating a new Comprehensive Plan to realize that vision.

The Visioning Process spanned the spring, summer and fall of 2018. It engaged hundreds of residents and community members in conversations about the future and the foundational elements that make Sherwood unique. Through various outreach events and engagement activities, the community identified what was important to protect for the future, and envisioned what Sherwood will look like in 2040. With guidance from a Community Advisory Committee and support from City staff and the consultant team, the input helped craft the Sherwood 2040 Comprehensive Plan Vision and Goals

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Get involved

Thank you for everyone who participated in the Comprehensive Plan Vision process! As the Comprehensive Plan update kicks off in early 2019, opportunities to get involved will be posted here.

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We will post project documents as they become available. Check back regularly for updates.

Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting Materials

All Citizen Advisory Committee meetings are open to the community and include time for written and verbal comment as time allows. Vision summits and community events will be scheduled throughout the summer and are dedicated to robust community discussion.

Please provide comments by attending the meetings or contacting Carrie Brennecke, Senior Planner at (503) 625-4242 or email brenneckec@sherwoodoregon.gov.

Agendas and meeting materials will be available one week before the meeting.

Using the Library

The information listings on this page include all materials that will be produced during the Comprehensive Plan Vision. As an item becomes available for review, the listing will be made into a link that will let you access the item.


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